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Want to grow your field service business? Forget those fancy-pants, expensive schools. Just purchase the HindSite Solution and attend HindSite University!

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Meet our Distinguished Professors.

Karl Krumm

HindSite employee since 2008

Favorite Quote: “A waffle is like a pancake with a syrup trap.”

Karl, our longest-tenured professor,is an expert at getting complex implementations up and running quickly.

Karl earned an Associate’s degree in networking from Minneapolis Business College. Prior to joining the HindSite team, he worked at Walmart in customer service and as a sales associate for their technology department.

Away from HindSite, Karl enjoys spending time with his three-year-old. A self-described nerd, Karl enjoys gaming, movies, anything to do with technology and is a big-time military history buff. If you have a question about World War II, he’s your man.

Patrick Breslin

HindSite employee since 2010

Favorite Quote: “A smart man once said, ‘I don’t know, go ask a woman.’”

As a professor, Pat works closely with office staff to help them get acclimated to the software and helps create a plan tailored to a company’s workflow. Anyone who has worked with him knows he's passionate about helping others succeed and delivers exceptional customer support.

Pat earned an Associate’s degree in computer programming at Minneapolis Business College and worked in the customer service industry for three years.

In his spare time, Pat enjoys the simple things in life, like grilling a steak, drinking a cold, refreshing beer and spending time with friends.

Lee Heggestad

HindSite employee since 2011

Favorite Quote: “Who’s on first!”

Like Karl, Pat and RJ, Lee works closely with our customers to help them optimize their HindSite experience. Customers love his personal, hands-on guidance and how he’s always there to answer their questions.

After a 4 year tour in the US Army, Lee worked for five years with the Texas Department of Public Safety as a highway patrol dispatcher. He then moved to Minnesota, attended Dunwoody School of Technology and worked for 15+ years in the printing industry, mostly in film assembly and later in fulfillment.

In his spare time, Lee enjoys following conservative and faith-related news and current events and tries hard to stay out of trouble.

RJ Duff

HindSite employee since 2011

Favorite Quote: “[There will be] no wine before its time.”

Think of RJ as HindSite’s own Aristotle. Though he didn’t lay the groundwork for Western philosophical thought, he does take after Aristotle’s professorial ways. RJ is the mastermind behind HindSite’s training programs and is currently developing our eLearning curriculum.

RJ has been designing, developing, and managing instructor-led training and eLearning projects for over 20 years. He has developed courseware for the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, Army National Guard, Northwest Airlines, Ameriprise Financial, Wells Fargo, GE Capital, Japan Steel Workers, Republic of Korea Navy, and now for HindSite Software.

In his spare time RJ enjoys boating, woodworking and reading a good book.

We Put You on the Fast Track to Business Success.

Implementing HindSite is not an event, it’s a process. Our goal is to get our customers up and running quickly, so they can immediately start seeing a return on their investment. To enable a successful implementation, we use the following resources:

Professor-led Training

Our training and support model is second to none. During the implementation process, new customers spend an unlimited amount of time with a HindSite Professor for hands-on training and setup. The Professors will get to know them and their business, delivering not only insight and training on how to use the software solution, but also best practices advice on how to grow their business.

eLearning Resources

In addition to our live training resources, we’ve developed video tools that are accessible 24/7. These self-guided resources deliver training on core concepts and key ideas within HindSite, such as how to setup and import timesheets into QuickBooks.


Our knowledgebase includes a complete User Guide with step-by-step instructions detailing how to use HindSite. Reference cards are also available, providing at-a-glance visual information about how to use HindSite.

Unlimited Free Support

We’re open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST every business day and strive to deliver a live voice during business hours. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota (Go Wild!) our support representatives deliver free, unlimited support.