Waste Management Software

You see enough waste in a typical day. At least eliminate it from your business processes! Manage your waste, sewer, and septic business with ease.

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Reduce Costs. Save Time. Be More Profitable.

Eliminating the paperwork in your pest control business with HindSite allows you to be more efficient. It's an old maxim, but a true one: "Time Is Money." Use The HindSite Solution to help you be more productive, generate more profit, and actually have some "time off."

Running on your mobile device, you will be able to collect more data straight from the field. You can take pictures, make notes, and attach other files that can then be sent directly back to the office

Waste Management Software

Reduce Travel Time. Be More Responsive. Setup Recurring Services.

For scheduling the services, HindSite's scheduling tool is fast and easy to use. Integrate with Microsoft MapPoint® to route daily work, because better routing allows your field technicians to spend more time on jobs, and less time behind the windshield. See everything that's happening in a single place, pulling up customer history and detailed notes with a single click. Scheduling is tied to contact management (CRM), where you can have unlimited custom fields to track every detail from marketing to property information.

HindSite also works great for regular maintenance services. You can set up contracts through HindSite to ensure you get paid and have work to do in the future. You are also able to set up recurring scheduling. This way you know you have jobs in the future and none of them slip through the cracks. You set up the recurring schedule once and you are done. Simple and easy.

Waste Management Software

Collecting Information in the Field is Drop-dead Simple.

All the work orders are downloaded to the technician's mobile device. The tech can see their work orders for the day, see driving directions, customer maps, notes from the office, and property information. On every job, HindSite time tracking software will automate collecting the time records. All items are in the field software, so your tech just needs to tap on the right line to create the final bill.

Back in the office you can collect the field data after every job. Track where techs are in their day, what jobs are incomplete (and get them rescheduled), and send the completed work to invoicing immediately. You are also able to have customer questionnaires. These are a great way to track data , so if you need to fill out municipal or EPA-required forms you can, and all paperlessly!.

Waste Management Software

Same Day Billing in Minutes. Not Hours.

As a Gold Certified Developer for QuickBooks - and a Silver Sage Peachtree® Developer - billing takes minutes, instead of hours. There is no paperwork, no illegible handwriting, no double entry. Your profit improves as your waste management company becomes more productive, and you have more time to work on your business, instead of in your business.

Waste Management Software