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GPS Tracking - Better Visibility

Estimate Faster

Once you've configured HindSite to your business, creating an estimate is a mouse click away. You'll be able to create an estimate while you have your prospect on the phone - without visiting the site!

Easily Configurable

HindSite is incredibly flexible, making it easy to configure your estimates to the way you do business. You’ll setup your estimating items - like materials and production items - and then add those items to your services to create a template for each service. It’s a huge time-saver when it’s time to create an estimate.
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Earn More Revenue

Studies show as much as 80% of business goes to the first busines to deliver an estimate. With HindSite, you'll be delivering an estimate immediately, without a site visit, so you'll be more likely to win the business.

Estimate Templates


HindSite makes it easy to create estimate templates for every service you offer - complete with production items, part and material items, and a lot more. Once you've setup your templates, creating an estimate is as easy as retrieving some property measurements and clicking your mouse!
Configurable to your Business

Configurable to your Business

HindSite's billing rules and estimate templates make it easy to configure to your business.

From Simple to Advanced, We've Got You Covered.

From Simple to Advanced, We've Got You Covered.

Setup can be as simple - or as complex - as your business requires. HindSite gives you the flexibility to setup estimating items - like materials and production items - within your business' parameters.

Different Strokes for Different Services

Different Strokes for Different Services

Configure your services with estimating items for that specific serivice so you can deliver an estimate  tailored to your business - and be more profitable.


Measure Properties Remotely


HindSite's Google Maps integration makes it easy to measure a property - without leaving the office. Whether you need to measure the front yard, a flower bed or the number of trees on a property, HindSite makes it easy to measure a property from the office.

Target Specific Contacts

Up-to-Date Maps

We've partnered with Google Maps to provide an as up-to-date view of your prospects' properties as possible.

Resolve Customer Complaints

Measure Areas, Lines, Perimeters and More

Whether you want to measure a flower bed for mulch, a front and back yard for mowing, a perimeter for trimming or a line for an irrigation system, HindSite delivers the tools you need to quickly measure a property.

Improve Efficiency

Degree of Difficulty Included

Have a lawn with a lot of obstacles? A steep hill? Lots of trees? No problem - just add a dfficulty factor to the property and HindSite will increase your resulting estimate accordingly.

Simple Estimate Creation


Once you've got your property measurements and estimating items setup, creating an estimate is as easy as clicking the estimate button. Your estimate will be tailored to the property and services you're providing. Plus, you can adjust it up or down in case you want to be more profitable or more competitive.

Send Appointment Confirmation and Reminder Emails

Your Estimate is a Mouse Click Away

Once you've measured a property, creating a estimate is as simple as clicking the Estimate button and entering the services to be performed.

Yours to Configure

Yours to Configure

HindSite will provide a number based on the services and property measurements, but you can easily override that number and customize the estimate even more.

Relevance Matters

More Data, More Improvement Opportunities

Associate information like the sales rep, the industry, where the prospect heard about you and much more to yoru estimate record. It's all data that can help you analyze and improve your sales process.


Print or Email Your Estimate


Once you've got all the data you need to create an estimate, printing or emailing it is as easy as pressing a button. You can leverage Word templates to create beautiful, branded estimates that include your logo and other formatting.


Impress Your Prospects

Impress Your Prospects

Leverage our Word integration to merge your estimate data into a branded template.

Save Time

Email with Ease

Alternatively, you can email your prospect a prospect. It's a great way to go from initial call to delivered estimate in a matter of minutes.

Only One Bill to Pay

Close More Business.

Once you've completed your estimate, HindSite gives your sales reps the tools to track and manage the follow up for every estimate sent.

Win the sale. Wow your customers.

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