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Sell Faster.

HindSite's Sales Manager helps you organize your sales process so you can identify prospects that are most likely to turn into new revenue.

Sell Smarter.

With HindSite's Sales Manager, you'll be able to analyze and improve your sales process with ease.
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Sell More.

The Sales Manager's campaign management tools help you quickly and easily target and market to prospects and customers.

Sales Funnel Management


HindSite's Sales Manager delivers visibility into the status of your prospects, making it easy to develop comprehensive marketing, sales and operations plans. Have a bunch of open estimates you expect to sell soon? Prepare your operations team for a busy future. Don't have many opportunities at the top of the funnel? Create a campaign to build your sales pipeline.

Forecast More Effectively

See every opportunity in your pipeline so you can forecast more effectively. 

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Eliminate Planning Surprises

By being able to see your pipeline and forecast future sales, you'll be able to more effectively plan your work. 

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Eliminate Sales Peaks and Valleys

Because you see how many opportunities you have at the top, middle and bottom of the funnel, you can eliminate sales droughts by actively marketing when your funnel empties.


Sales Campaign Management


Leverage the Sales Manager's campaign management tools to drive sales growth in your field service business. Campaigns help you target specific customers and prospects, track activity and measure the effectiveness and ROI of specific sales and marketing campaigns. Plus, if you use HindSite's email add-on, HindSite Connect, you can send mass emails to your campaign lists with a few mouse clicks.

Simplify Customer Upselling

Simplify Customer Upselling

Want to sell a new service or product to customers? The Sales Manager leverages your HindSite customer database to target and personalize your campaign.

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Analyze and Improve

Campaign tracking makes it easy for you to see which sales and marketing efforts result in the most revenue.

Easy Email Campaigns

Easy Email Campaigns

If you use our email add-on, HindSite Connect Pro, you'll be able to instantly send personalized, branded emails to members of your campaigns.

Activity Tracking


One of the keys to successful selling is having a complete log of all your activity so you can personalize your pitch and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. The Sales Manager stores all of your call notes, email notes and tasks so you always know what happened on every opportunity. 


Take Detailed Call Notes

With HindSite's Sales Manager, you'll have a complete history of your calls with each sales opportunity, simplifying follow-up.


Create and Manage Reminders

Thanks to the Sales Manager's reminders, you'll never forget to call a hot opportunity again.

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Make a Better Impression

With more information readily available, you'll be able to personalize each call, email or visit and deliver a better impression.


Integrated Estimating and Scheduling


Being productive is the key to being a successful sales representative. HindSite integrates the data you collect about your sales opportunities into your sales workflow. That means you can quickly create an estimate and attach it to a sales opportunity or schedule an on-site estimate with your sales rep. 



Create Estimates

Creating estimates is integrated into the Sales Manager, making it easy to create and track estimates.

Schedule Sale Meetings

Schedule Sales Meetings

In addition to estimates, HindSite's integrated scheduling functions simplify adding sales visits to your calendar.


Improve Productivity

Because the Sales Manager can be tightly integrated into your workflow, you'll save time. Time you can spend with opportunities generating new revenue.

Sales Analytics


The key to selling smarter is understanding how your sales reps are performing. You can't improve what you don't measure. The Sales Manager's dashboard delivers at-a-glance sales analytics, while reports provide opportunity, sales rep and campaign details that make it easy to understand how your sales team is performing.


Know Your Close Rate

Know Your Close Rate

The key to improving your sales process is knowing your metrics. You close rate tells you what percentage of opportunities each sales rep closes. Improving that metric can significantly impact your business.

Measure Your Campaigns

Measure Your Campaigns

Successful sales and marketing is simple: Measure everything and then do more of what works. The Sales Manager helps you setup, manage and measure your campaigns so you can sell more.


See Your Pipeline

The Sales Manager helps you visualize your sales pipeline, so you can see at a glance how your sales team is doing. 


Sales Rep Performance Reporting


Being an effective manager starts with measuring your employee performance. HindSite's Sales Manager delivers the data you need to assess how your sales reps are performing. Armed with data, you can discipline, encourage and reward your sales reps for their work.

Measure Rep Performance

Measure Rep Performance

The Sales Manager's reports make it easy for you to measure your sales rep performance on key metrics like close rates and revenue produced.

Analyze Rep Activity

Analyze Rep Activity

See all of your rep's activity, so you know who's putting in the effort to generate new sales.

Grow Your Sales Reps

Grow Your Sales Reps

Leverage the data in the Sales Manager to train and improve your sales reps. Have a low-performing rep? Put togehter a plan for your best rep to mentor him or her.

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