Custom Reports help you learn and grow.

Unlimited Report Options

Virtually Unlimited Report Options

From performance reports and customer reports to financial reports and part and material reports, you can create virtually any report using HindSite's custom report builder.

Gain a Better Understanding of Your Business

Wondering who your best performing employee is. what customers are unprofitable or how many services you performed in a given timeframe? It's all easy to do with HindSite's custom reports.

Leverage Reports to Improve and Grow

You can't improve what you don't measure. HindSite's custom reports makes it easy to measure what matters to your business, and then track your progress as you grow and improve.

Contact Reports


With custom contact reports, you'll be able to create lists of customers and prospects fitting specific criteria, measure performance and financial information for customers, and 
Save Time

Analyze Your Customer Demographics

Wondering what zip code you have the most and least customers? Want to know what % of your customers have a smart controller? HindSite's custom reports make it easy to create custom reports that deliver insightful information about your existing customers, information you can use to create more targeted marketing campaigns.

Grow Your Revenue

Clean Your Database

Quickly create a list showing all customers who don't have an email address, and then call them to get one.

Neutral Trading.svg

Get Paid Faster

Create a custom report showing all customers with overdue balances and place a call to remind them of their balance.


Contract Reports


Does your business have maintenance contracts? Leverage HindSite's custom reports to better understand the performance of your customer contracts. 

Target Specific Contacts

Identify Expired Contracts

Use HindSite's custom reports to manage expired and soon-to-expire contracts - and retain more customers.

Send Personalized Messages

Track Unbilled Contracts

Create a custom report to track which contracts are paid in full and which aren't.

Improve Efficiency

Better Contract Package Management

If you're selling different contract packages, you can create a custom report to track which packages are most popular or which customers have chosen which packages.

Job Reports


The key to improving your business is better understanding the data behind the services you perform. HindSite's custom reports deliver the data you need to understand which services are the most profitable, service purchase trends and a whole lot more.

Send Appointment Confirmation and Reminder Emails

Analyze Service Times

Wondering how long a specific service, like an irrigation winterization, takes? A simple custom report can tell you how long every service you performed takes.

Tell - and Show - Your Work

See Year-Over-Year Results

Ever wonder if you performed more jobs this year than last year? I simple custom report can tell you.

Relevance Matters

Incentivize Your Team

If you use our HindSite Connect add-on to send customer satisfaction surveys, you can create reports to see what technician generates the most five star ratings - and compensate them. 


Part and Material Reports


Carrying inventory is expensive. Which is why it's important to keep your inventory as light as possible. HindSite's reports can help you get started by telling you everything you need to know about your parts and materials usage, so you can maintain a minimal amount.


Easily Identify Your Happy Customers

Create Part and Material Lists

Wondering what parts you're tracking in HindSite? Create a simple part list to show you all your active parts.

Automate Review Solicitations

Track Part Usage

Leverage reports to see when parts and materials are used and when they weren't.

Improve Your Online Presence

See Costs and Prices

Create a custom report to see the difference between what you charge and how much parts cost.

Financial Reports


At the end of the day, you're in business to make money. HindSite's custom reports put a wealth of financial information at your fingertips so you can understand where you're making - and losing - money and run a more profitable business.


Measure Using Google Maps

Understand Where You're Profitable

HindSite's custom reports help you build reports that show you how profitable services, jobs or employees are. It's the knowledge you needs to maximize your profitability.

Branded Estimate Templates

See Where Your Revenue Comes From

Do you know which service delivers the most revenue? A HindSite custom report can tell you.

Easily Print or Email

Analyze Your Estimates

Create custom budget vs. actual reports to analyze how accurate your estimates are, then tweak future estimates to improve profitability.


Employee Performance Reports


You can't run a successful business without great employees. HindSite's performance reports help you identify how your employees are performing so you can use carrots and sticks to improve their performance - and your bottom line.

Collect Every Piece of Data

Measure - and Improve - Productive and Non-Productive Time

Generally, we find that non-HindSite customers only have about 50 to 60% of their time be productive time. With HindSite you can track each employee's productive and non-productive time and take steps to get them to 80 or 90%.

Personalize Everything

Improve Service Times

HindSite makes it easy to track how long it takes each employee to perform the same service. By monitoring that information in a report, you'll be able to identify high performers and have them train low performers.

Reports That Simplify Decisions

Simplify Employment Decisions

Whether you want to promote an employee or lay one off, using the data you'll find in HindSite's performance reports can make difficult decisions a lot easier to make.

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