Modernizing Relationships Transforming Business

The integration between Hunter Hydrawise and HindSite Business Management Software, transforms the relationship between contractors and their customers by connecting their business software to their customers’ smart controllers and systems.

More Revenue Less Labor
The integration provides contractors the means to charge water management fees, reallocating work to the office, reduce their overhead costs and boost their bottom line.
Proactive vs. Reactive
the integration flips the traditional water emergency protocol on its head. Instead of customers reaching out with an issue, the contractor receives an alert within their business software and can either remotely shut-off the system or set up an appointment to fix the issue at the property or both.
New Recurring Revenue Source
By offering water management services, businesses not only create a new recurring revenue source but they also strengthen their relationship with their customers.
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HindSite | Hydrawise Integration

"The fact that Hydrawise & HindSite talk to one another & we can streamline processes within the office is just huge."

- John Newlin, Owner of Quality Irrigation Systems

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