All the marketing tools you need to grow your business.


Generate More Referrals and Reviews

HindSite's post-service satisfaction surveys help you identify your happiest customers, then automates the process of asking for online reviews. It's a simple way to generate more online reviews and more referral business.
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Create and Send Estimates in Seconds

The person who delivers the first estimate is more likely to win the business. HindSite makes it easy to create and send estimates so you can deliver a profitable estimate - without ever leaving the office.
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Create, Manage & Analyze Campaigns

HindSite delivers the campaign management tools and features you need to quickly kick off campaigns. Plus you have the measurement tools to know what marketing campaigns and channels work best.

Marketing Campaign Management

Want to create a campaign to win back former customers? Managing and tracking your marketing campaigns is a breeze with HindSite. Simply search your contact database to find the prospects you'd like to target with your campaign, add them to your campaign list, and send them an email or create a call list for your sales team. Then, periodically check HindSite's marketing campaign reports to see the impact of each campaign.



Save Time

Most small businesses don't even track their marketing campaigns because it's so difficult. HindSite makes it easy to create and track campaigns, saving you time every step of the way.

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Grow Your Revenue

The more marketing campaigns you create, the more likely you are to grow your business.

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Spend More Intelligently

With HindSIte's marketing campaign reports, you'll be able to see what campaigns worked and focus your limited budget on similar campaigns, improving your marketing return on investment.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Mass Emails

Purchase HindSite's email marketing add-on, HindSite Connect Pro, and you'll be sending mass emails to your database that drives more revenue.


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Target Specific Contacts

HindSite's smart filtering makes it easy to send very targeted mass emails, improving the relevance and performance of your campaigns.


Send Personalized Messages

HindSite Connect can leverage all of the customer data you've collected so you can personalize your message to your customer. It's a great way to improve your email marketing results.

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Improve Efficiency

Sending mass marketing emails enables you to deliver your campaign message quickly and easily, saving time and growing your revenue.

Customer Communication

For many service businesses, word of mouth is the key to revenue growth. Great service starts with customer communication. HindSite's email add-on, HindSite Connect, makes it easy to communicate every little detail to your customers, improving customer satisfaction.



Send Appointment Confirmation and Reminder Emails

Keep your customers informed. Send confirmation emails when an appointment is scheduled and reminder emails a day or two before your scheduled appointment.


Show and Tell Your Work

HindSite Connect's completion email help you inform your customer about the work performed. Use in conjunction with our picture assessments to take it a step further and send an image of your work.


Relevance Matters

Because your emails can be personalized, you can drop in appointment times, field notes, pictures, balances and a whole lot more to deliver all the information a customer needs to know about the work you performed.

Customer Communication

Review and Referral Generation

When you buy from Amazon, do you read the product reviews? Having great online reviews makes marketing and selling your business a lot easier. HindSite helps you identify your happy customers and automatically ask them for a review.


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Easily Identify Your Happy Customers

HindSite's automated post-service customer satisfaction surveys  deliver the data you need to identify who is happy and who isn't.

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Automate Review Solicitations

Once you've identified your happiest customers, HindSite can automatically send them a message with a link to popular review sites. It couldn't be easier.


Improve Your Online Presence

Online reviews are a key component in driving internet leads. The more positive reviews you have, the more likely you are to generate interest and revenue.

Fast Estimating

Studies continue to show that if you're the first to deliver an estimate and it's within the price range the buyer expects, they'll stop shopping and choose you. So the faster you can deliver an estimate, the more new business you'll generate. HindSite delivers measuring tools that help you remotely measure the lawn, the flower beds, determine where to put your sprinkler heads and much more. You can deliver an estimate without leaving the office.


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Measure Using Google Maps

Measure square footage, perimeters, lines and more with HindSite's property measurement tools. Then, take that data and apply your billing rules from HindSite to quickly create an estimate.


Branded Estimate Templates

Design your estimate in Word and upload it to HindSite and we'll merge the estimate values into your Word document. It's an easy way to get beautiful, branded estimating templates.


Easily Print or Email

Once you've generated your estimate, delivering it to the customer is as easy as pressing a button to print or email it.

Fast Estimating
Marketing Data Management and Reporting

Marketing Data Management and Reporting

Data is the key to successful marketing. The more you know about your prospect, the easier it is to create personalized, targeted campaigns. And if you aren't measuring the ROI of your marketing campaigns, it's likely you're flushing money down the drain. HindSite delivers the data management and reporting tools you need to get the most out of your marketing campaigns.



Collect Every Piece of Data

HindSite has an unlimited number of fields you can use to store data. Want to store your prospect's birthday to send birthday wishes? How about their religious preferences so you can send the right holiday greeting? It's easy to do in HindSite.

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Personalize Everything

Once you've collected prospect data, it's time to unleash your personalized messages. HindSite makes it easy to drop any piece of information - estimate appointment dates and times, the work that's to be done, any notes - into your follow-up communications. 


Reports That Simplify Decisions

Instead of using your gut, wouldn't it be great to leverage business data? HindSite's campaign reports make it easy for you to make informed marketing budget decisions.

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