Everything you need to improve communication - and your business. 


Save Money

How much money do you lose to misreported time? How many parts do you use that go unbilled? With HindSite's field app, you'll recover that lost money by tracking and collecting field data in real time.

Communicate More Effectively

Failure to communicate can kill your business. HindSite simplifies communication between the office and the field, turning phone calls into electronic notes that are captured and stored for easy retrieval.

Streamline Your Business

Whether it's repeatedly reminding your field employees to complete paperwork, or miscommunication about job specifics, HindSite's electronic workflow streamlines your business, saving time and money in the process.

Communicate Electronically

Do you have a tough time keeping everyone on the same page? HindSite helps eliminate this headache by making it easy to send information to and from the field, saving time and streamlining your business.


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Save Time

Eliminate time-consuming phone tag between your office and the field - and capture all your information in real time.

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Improve Communication

With HindSite, you'll send detailed electronic job notes to your field employees. They'll do the work, and send complete job notes back to you immediately, and without that annoyingly illegible handwriting.

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Real-Time Job Tracking

Because your employees are timing in and out electronically, back in the office you'll be able to see how your field employees are progressing every minute of every day.


Job Notes

Not providing technicians with the right info or failing to capture valuable field data wastes precious time and money. With HindSite, both the office and field can take meticulous notes, improving communication and streamlining day-to-day operations.



Work Descriptions Ensure Field Staff are Informed

With HindSite, your office staff can take detailed notes about the problem the customer is having, where to look and what to do, making it easy for your field employees to understand what job to perform.

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Field Remarks

HindSite's intelligent scheduling minimizes windshield time so your field team can spend less time behind the wheel and more time servicing your customers.

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Built-In Efficiencies

No one wants to spend minutes typing notes, especially your field crews. HindSite simplifies field data collection with canned field remarks. Your field employees simply select a remark and go.

Time Tracking

HindSite captures all of the time tracking information you need, enabling your employees to time in and out of jobs in real time, ensuring an accurate recording of time, every time.



One-touch Time In and Out

Timing in and out is tightly integrated into the field workflow, making it easy for employees to capture time information.


Track Drive Time and Shop Time, Too

Bill for drive time? No problem, we can track that. Want to account for shop time? That's easily tracked, too.


Analyze Performance

Even if you don't do time and material work, tracking how long it takes employees to do work helps improve your bidding and profitability.

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Parts and Materials Tracking

If you’re not tracking parts and materials, you’re likely losing money.  Stop chasing down your employees for a list of the parts they used on a specific job and start using HindSite. They'll enter the parts on a phone or tablet for every job, virtually eliminating unbilled parts.



Eliminate Parts Leakage

HindSite's parts and materials tracking ensures that your employees select the parts that were used on every job.


As Easy As Picking the Parts From a List

Once you load a parts list into HindSite, all your employees need to do is select the parts they used. You can even categorize them, making it easy to lookup and find the parts they've used.


Easy Replenishment

HindSite can even generate a materials report that details the materials used. Or, you can use our reorder parts report to quickly send a list of parts to your distributor.


Assessments help your field team capture more customer information in real-time. After jobs, you can have your employees complete a series of questions that give you more info about the job, the property and any data that helps you better serve your customers.



Collect More Customer Information

Assessments enable you to collect any additional information you need to improve your service. From irrigation system specs to security codes to square footage, you can collect virtually any info.


A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Picture assessments let you do even more. Take pictures of a property after you've completed the work to show what you did.


Perform a Quality Control Check

Assessments are also great for managers. Simply send them out with a tablet and a quality control assessment and collect valuable information about your team's performance.



HindSite’s assets feature allows you to track or see the work history for multiple pieces of equipment on a property, like multiple backflow devices, multiple HVAC units or multiple pieces of equipment you need to repair.



Better Customer Service

Assets make it easy to track different items on a property, so you can deliver more valuable service information to your customers.


Streamline Field Repairs

Instead of cluttered info about multiple items, your field team can instantly see the records for a specific piece of equipment.


Revenue Opportunity

With a complete item history, you'll be able to suggest upgrades and replacements that earn you more money.

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