The ONLY software solution specifically designed for your irrigation business.


Your Business. Your Way.

One size does not fit all. That's why our software has unlimited custom fields to endlessly configurable billing rules, HindSite fits the way you do business. 

Schedule Faster. Schedule Smarter.

Whether you need to schedule a service call or mass schedule your irrigation startups and winterizations, HindSite's scheduling tools make it easy to get the most out of each day.
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Beloved by Irrigation Businesses.

Because HindSite  and our email add-on HindSite Connect make it so easy to communicate with your customers, you'll deliver a customer experience that's second to none.

Unmatched Scheduling & Routing Tools

Eliminate costly windshield time, complete more service calls every single day and wring more productive time out of your technicians thanks to HindSite's scheduling tools.



See Who's Nearby

Stop sending your technicians across town and back for appointments. HindSite shows you who is nearby while you're scheduling, eliminating costly windshield time and improving productivity and profitability.

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Schedule All Startups and Winterizations in Minutes

Scheduling multiple jobs couldn't be easier. With our map-based mass scheduling, you'll see every customer on a map and can add them to your technicians' schedules with a few mouse clicks.


Instant Visibility

HindSite uses color-coded scheduling, so a quick glance at your daily schedule will not only tell you where your technicians will be, but also what they are doing. Plus, you'll be able to see what jobs are complete and which ones are in progress, giving you real-time information about how the day is progressing.


Real-Time Data Capture in the Field

Armed with our iOS or Android app and a tablet or smartphone, your technicians will receive job details from the office - with detailed job notes. They'll time in and out of jobs, enter parts and materials and capture virtually any other piece of information you need to be successful.


more info better service

More Information. Better Service.

Sending information electronically allows you to be able to deliver more customer and job details for each appointment. From repair notes to work history to contact info, your techs will have what they need to better serve your customers.

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Get Paid for Every Part

Do you know how much money you lose annually because your technicians fail to communicate which parts were used? HindSite helps recapture that revenue by forcing technicians to indicate which parts were used on every job.

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Know More About Every Customer

From quality control checklist to irrigation controller location to number of zones, user defined fields and configurable assessments make it easy to capture customer and property info in the office or the field.

Market and Sell More Effectively

HindSite doesn't just help you improve the efficiency of your technicians and office staff. Our integrated Sales Manager ensures no sales opportunities fall through the cracks, while marketing add-on HindSite Connect Pro leverages email to deliver more online reviews and ultimately more customers.



Visualize and Manage Your Sales Funnel

HindSite’s Sales Manager delivers visibility into your sales pipeline so you can better plan for the future. Whether it’s creating new campaigns to bring in leads or moving around your calendar for a batch of open estimates, you’ll have control of the front end of your business.


Create and Manage Campaigns

Our campaign management tools can help you drive sales growth in your irrigation business. You'll be able to target specific customers and prospects, track activity like phone calls and emails and measure the effectiveness and ROI of specific sales and marketing campaigns.


Measure, Analyze and Improve

Want to sell more? The best way to improve your close rates is to measure your sales performance. HindSite's Sales Manager dashboard delivers at-a-glance sales analytics that make it easy to understand how your sales team is performing.


Hear why our customers love HindSite.

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Flexible, Fast Billing

Whether you perform time and material or flat-rate billing, HindSite's flexibility and two-way QuickBooks sync simplifies billing. Plus, advanced billing features like trip charges and helper rates are easy to setup, ensuring your existing billing rules can be applied.



Two-Way QuickBooks Sync

Our advanced, two-way sync between HindSite and QuickBooks makes it easy to send data to and from QuickBooks, eliminating duplicate data entry.


We Haven't Met a Billing Rule We Can't Handle

Whether you perform time and material, flat-rate or contract billing, HindSite has got you covered. Plus, everything from trip charges to variable technician billing is easily supported.

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Better Invoices

Leverage all the data you're collecting in the field and our two-way QuickBooks integration to automatically build better, more informative customer invoices.

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Streamline Customer Communication

HindSite's Connect is our email add-on that delivers email functionality that, making it easy to automate and personalize your customer communication.


reduce missed appointments

Reduce Missed Appointments

With HindSite Connect, you can send confirmation and reminder emails, ensuring your customers will be home and helping to eliminate missed appointments.

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Communicate Every Detail

Want to tell your customers specifically what you did? HindSite Connect's completion emails make it easy to include a complete work description - with pictures!


Measure Customer Satisfaction

With HindSite Connect Pro, you can embed customer satisfaction surveys into your emails, allowing you to reach happy customers for online reviews and immediately address any negative experiences.


The all-in-one solution for your irrigation business.

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With HindSite, you can schedule service calls in less than 30 seconds. Then send those appointments instantly to the field, all within our software and app.


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Field Data Capture

How much money does inaccurate time, part and material tracking cost your business? Leverage our field app to capture time, materials and virtually any other customer info in real time in the field.


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HindSite improves it by delivering immediate ­ and accurate ­ invoicing thanks to integrations with leading accounting platforms like QuickBooks and Sage50.


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Hindsite’s Sales Manager can do everything except close business. How? By helping you track every sales opportunity as well as measure your sales reps’ effectiveness.


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Build a strong sales pipeline with marketing campaign management and email marketing tools. Track opportunities and follow-up on open estimates.


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GPS Tracking

Wondering if your employee took the scenic route to a job or if the vehicle they're driving needs maintenance? Ensure peak productivity with HindSite Tracker, our GPS tracking add­-on.


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