You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

If you're like most people considering a field service software solution, you've got a lot of questions. To help out, we've compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions - as well as some frequent objections - to make sure you're an an informed buyer.

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The HindSite Team

Answers to your frequently asked questions.

HindSite's field service software can run on any web-enabled device, but our favorite devices are Samsung tablets and smartphones that run Android.
Yes! We have a dedicated Android App for Android phones and tablets, and we're constantly adding new features to it.
Also, our Mobile Web program allows you to run HindSite's field service management software on any device as long as you have constant internet connection, such as the iPhone or iPad.

Information - time records, work order details, customer history, and more - is sent wirelessly back and forth to field devices. For the science behind it, just give us a call, because it depends on the device you'll be using.

  • Tablets will either use a data plan from your mobile carrier, or rely on Wi-Fi hotspots or a wireless network at the office.
  • Phones will use the data plan provided by the carrier primarily, but can also use Wi-Fi.
  • Netbooks and laptops will require an "air card" from the carrier, which plugs into the netbook allowing for constant internet access (like a phone). Otherwise, Wi-Fi hot spots or the office network can be used.

Yes. Any kind of regular maintenance - from plumbing maintenance agreements to battery replacement to lawn care contracts - can be set up in HindSite. We use both recurring scheduling tools to handle the work orders/service call management, as well as maintenance billing, where invoices are created in your accounting program at set intervals.

NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! All support is included when you sign up with us because we see our job as helping your business succeed with HindSite

And while we are on the subject of free...
All upgrades, advanced or future training, and office users (you could have 100 office personnel for all we care) are free. You are only billed based on the number of "field devices" (one per crew, repair truck, salesperson, etc.).

We use online remote support services along with the phone (yes, we still believe in having conversations). This allows us to virtually sit in your office, having access to your computer (with your permission, of course) and mouse. It's very effective, and our support team does an awesome job.

Absolutely. You can drop down to a minimum of 2 licenses (assuming you started with 2 or more... if you only have 1 license you won't have to increase).

Plan on 7-10 hours of your time. You will be assigned one of our "HindSite Professors" to work side by side with you to help install and configure HindSite to your business. Our goal is to have you running in less than two weeks: you'll be managing contacts, scheduling work orders, collecting good field information, and sending completed work orders to invoicing in QuickBooks or Sage50.

Absolutely! Any contacts or parts in QuickBooks are very easily imported into HindSite. For any other program, if you can get them into Microsoft Excel, we can get them into HindSite.

We work primarily with QuickBooks as a QB Gold Certified Developer, as well as with Sage50 as a Silver Sage Developer.

We're notorious... ah, that is, famous.... for sending out updates as soon as they're ready. If we have a new feature that you benefit from, why would we wait to give it to you? You'll always have the latest features from the best field service management software in the industry. HindSite is continuously under development to improve and meet your needs.

No. We are highly configurable, very flexible, and always open to suggestions (in fact it is contractors' input that has made us the excellent tool we are today). But no, we are not custom software developers.

Generally, we run on Windows computers and Android phones. For a complete guide to system requirements, click here.

No. We're really, really good at software that helps grow your field service business. So we focus on that, and let others focus on the hardware. However, we'll point you in the right direction, no worries.

We know "field service management software" doesn't really mean much unless you're seeing results. Our lawncare, landscapers, irrigators, plumbers, security dealers, electricians, and other field service companies tell us that it:

      • Increases cash flow, because there's no paperwork to process, so bills are sent out daily, meaning you're getting paid much faster.

      • Increases administrative capacity - you can get more done in less time because our scheduling, contact management, and reporting is efficient. A paperless office is a fast office!

      • Increases customer service, because as an owner or office manager you have answers to customer's questions with easily accessible customer information (including a customer history at your fingertips). Getting rid of the paper means getting reliable information for your customers.

      • Increases revenue without adding additional customers, because you're reliably capturing billing information from your field techs. We automatically record the time in and time out for each employee on each job, and techs enter all the parts as well, so you bill for everything you've earned (no guesstimates based on day-old scribbled work orders).

        You'll also get in extra work orders each week for each tech, because you'll be scheduling and routing more efficiently. Jobs get placed with techs who will already be in the area, and the techs can get turn by turn directions.

      • Makes running the business easier, which means HindSite makes your life easier. Paperless work orders, simple reports, and a more efficient operation all help you get out of the office and into the great outdoors.

Objection, Your Honor!

We know our software helps grow businesses. But we still get objections. Here are the most common and our response:

We designed our field software to be easy, so your techs will pick it up quickly and it won't get in their way. Beyond that, HindSite is a system. They'll go through the same process on every job and we can automate a lot of it. In fact, most techs are proud to use our software. They're more professional because of it, and they get bragging rights over their buddies who don't have cool technology.

The HindSite Solution is just that, a solution. You'll drop twenty grand on a new truck or piece of equipment when you need it for your business, right? This is the same thing (and a lot less expensive!). Our field service software is a tool for your business, one that - according to our customers - easily pays for itself in the first month. It's the best investment you'll make, and - since we don't have any contracts - we have to prove ourselves to you every month. You're in the service industry. So are we.

It does, and it's gotten you to where you are today. But now you're looking for a tool to take your business to the next level. HindSite is that tool because of our experience with the field service industry, our software that is guided by customer input, and our dedication to customer service - we only succeed when you succeed.

Two thoughts to leave you with:
  1. "Good is the enemy of great."
  2. When it comes to making a business that succeeds, "it ain't broke" ain't good enough.