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Irrigation Business Software

Built by an irrigation contractor for his irrigation business, HindSite eliminates paper everywhere - in the office and in the field - freeing you to work on your business, not in it.

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Wow Your Customers

Wouldn't it be great if you could answer customer questions about the irrigation work you performed quickly and accurately? If you could store and access information like security codes and the location of the irrigation controller in the office and in the field?

With HindSite, you can. HindSite's field service CRM gives you an unlimited number of fields to store whatever customer data you want. Plus, by integrating field notes and a complete customer history, HindSite makes it easy to answer customer questions quickly and accurately, every time.

Schedule in 30 Seconds or Less

When we ask our customers what they love most about HindSite, invariably they'll tell us about how easy it is to schedule. With color-coded, drag and drop scheduling, it's easy to see why you can schedule an irrigation service call in 30 seconds or less.

Plus, there are tons of other scheduling features - like mass scheduling for your startups and blowouts - that make it easy to manage your irrigation service schedule on a day-to-day basis. And, once you've scheduled your techs, HindSite reduces windshield time - and fuel costs - by efficiently routing those techs to their jobs.

Control Your Labor Costs

You want employees who are productive, not those who don't earn their paycheck.

HindSite's time-tracking helps you control your labor costs by enabling you to pay for productive time, not the 9 to 5. You'll be able to quantify who are your best workers - and who aren't - and build incentive programs to get the most out of your team.

Bill For Everything You Do

Same-day billing is a breeze thanks to HindSite's one-click integration to QuickBooks, easing cash flow concerns. Plus, with accurate time and parts tracking in the field, you know every invoice you send is accurate.

Even better, HindSite's billing completely paperless, eliminating duplicate data entry and freeing you to focus on making your business more profitable.

Grasshopper Irrigation Case Study

Goodbye Paper. Hello Growth.

Learn how HindSite helped Grasshopper Irrigation add 1800 customers and increase revenue by 700%.

Performance Lighting and Irrigation Case Study

Growth Without the Headaches.

Learn how HindSite helped Performance Lighting and Irrigation double in size, without the headaches that typically come from expansion.

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WISSCO Irrigation Case Study

Routing Done Right.

Learn how WISSCO Irrigation leveraged the power of HindSite to save time and money by routing their techs more efficiently.

Irrigation Software Buyer's Guide

Irrigation Software Buyer's Guide

Download this free eBook, Irrigation Software Buyer's Guide, to:

  • Learn how irrigation software can improve your business
  • See what features to look for and why they matter
  • The 8 questions to ask when buying irrigation software
  • And a whole lot more!

What else can you do with HindSite's Irrigation Business Software?

Easily Accessible Customer Information

Information about your customers is just a mouse click away. Demographic information, email addresses, phone numbers, location and a lot more are at your fingertips!

Recurring Work Orders

Setting up recurring work orders is a breeze. Simply select the recurrence pattern, and your jobs will be created and added to the schedule.

Mass Scheduling

Schedule an entire month's worth of jobs in minutes and spend the rest of your time managing your business.

Unlimited Custom Fields

Data is power! In addition to standard fields, leverage HindSite's user-defined fields to store just about any piece of data you can imagine.

Productivity Reports

HindSite's time tracking management helps you compare the effectiveness of each of your team members. With it, you can build incentive programs that improve the efficiency - and morale - of your team.

Complete Customer History

From types of activities to how long it took, from who performed the work to their detailed field notes, the HindSite field service CRM helps you see every detail about every customer activity.

Easy Document Management

Store photos of your work, contracts, as-builts - whatever customer documents you have can be stored and accessed in the office or in the field!

Eliminate Paperwork

HindSite makes it easy for your field personnel to record their activity in the field, turning your inefficient paper processes into well-oiled electronic ones.