GPS tracking that delivers a more efficient business.

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Better Visibility

HindSite Tracker helps you see in real-time how your day is progressing. You'll see where all your trucks are, all of your daily jobs, and the status of each job. Armed with all that data, you'll be more responsive to your customers.
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Improve Efficiency

Have a field employee that spends two hours in a park every day? Maybe he takes the scenic route to jobs? With HindSite Tracker, you'll be able to see and correct these behaviors, making your business more efficient and profitable.

Real-Time Truck Tracking

Ever had a customer emergency and needed to immediately re-route a field employee? Want to know at a glance how your day is progressing? With HindSite Tracker you'll get real time information about where your trucks are and the status of each individual job so you can quickly react to any change.



Be More Responsive

Change is inevitable. HindSite Tracker makes it easy for you to react quickly and efficiently to emergency jobs and other scheduling changes that happen throughout the day.

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Recapture Lost Revenue

Employees who take a circuitous route to a job or idle for an hour cost you money. With HindSite Tracker, you'll immediately see those behaviors and correct them before they cost you thousands of dollars.


Correct Bad Behaviors

If an employee times into a job, and then drives to a park for a nap, that can damage your reputation - and lose you a customer. HindSite Tracker helps you see - and correct - inappropriate behavior.


Complete Vehicle History

In addition to real-time reporting, HindSite Tracker delivers a complete vehicle and job history. By combining a GPS history with data like timesheets, you'll be able to better verify where your team was, what they did and how long it took. Plus, you get information like speed, idle time and timestamps to help you see in minute detail what was happening.



Easy Validation

Trust but verify. Your GPS history helps you verify that what your employees said they did actually happened.


Resolve Customer Complaints

Have a customer complain that you didn't arrive on time but your employee swears he did? Pull up your vehicle history report to see who's right.


Prevent Legal Headaches

If you perform services - like snow plowing - that open you to lawsuits, the GPS history can be a business-saver. You'll know exactly what time you visited a property, eliminating frivolous lawsuits.

Advanced Reporting and Alerts

Need to know when to complete your next oil change? Want an alert whenever one of your vehicles is clocked above the speed limit? Need to see when routine maintenance occurred? HindSite Tracker's alerts and reports deliver the information you need to know what's happening in your business.


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Never Miss Another Maintenance Event

HindSite's maintenance alerts ensure you perform your vehicle maintenance on time, extending the life and reliability of your fleet.


Protect Your Business

A speeding employee is a danger to your business. Get real-time alerts every time an employee speeds, so you can mitigate your risk and improve employee safety.


Maintain Compliance

Advanced features - like the ability to import fuel purchase records for IFTA compliance - make it easy for your business to maintain compliance with vehicle tracking requirements.


Tight HindSite Integration

The HindSite Solution and GPS tracking are like peanut butter and jelly. Because they're so tightly integrated, you'll not only be able to manage your daily schedule and customer database, but you'll also be able to see your vehicles in the field.



One System to Rule Them All

Nothing's more annoying than being forced to login to multiple systems to get your daily business information. With HindSite and HindSite Tracker, you don't have to!

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Save Time

What happens when a customer calls and asks when your employee will arrive? Without a GPS system, you'd either guess or call your employee for an estimate. With HindSite Tracker, you simply click a button to see where your employees are and communicate that to your customer. It's a real time saver.


Simple Vendor Management

If you use another GPS solution, you'll have to manage two bills. If you need support, you'll deal with two support teams. But not if you choose HindSite and HindSIte Tracker. It's one bill, one invoice and one easy process to manage.

Plug and Play Install

Nobody wants to take a truck out of commission for a day and pay costly GPS implementation fees. With HindSite Tracker, you don't have to. Simply plug the device into your OBD-II port, enter the device ID into HindSite, and you're ready to go.



Setup in Less Than 10 Seconds

Any idiot can setup HindSite Tracker. Simply plug the device into your OBD-II port to start tracking your trucks.


Simple HindSite Setup

Associating your devices to your employees to enable the HindSite integration is as simple as entering in the appropriate device ID for the employee.


We're Always Here to Help

We'll deliver training and unlimited support so you can get up and running quickly.


Complete Vehicle Maintenance Records

Simple maintenance can extend the life and reliability of your vehicles. HindSite Tracker ensures you keep your vehicles in tip-top shape by enabling you to store a complete vehicle maintenance history. Plus, maintenance alerts ensure you never miss a scheduled maintenance event.


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Know it All

From wear and tear like heavy accelerations and hard braking events, to past maintenance events like oil changes, you'll know everything that's happened to your vehicle.

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Maintenance Made Easy

Alerts help remind you when to perform your next maintenance, so nothing ever falls through the cracks.

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Data at Your Fingertips

Wondering about the fuel efficiency of each vehicle? How about the odometer readings for all your vehicles? A diagnostic code history? It's all available from HindSite Tracker's reports.

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