Get More Work Done in Your Irrigation Business.

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Schedule More Efficiently.

FieldCentral's scheduling tools result in tighter routes, so you can schedule at least 1 more job per technician, per day.

Collect Accurate Information Every Time.

Whether you have an Android or iOS device, FieldCentral's field application collects accurate information so you get paid every penny you're owed.

Build a Better Business.

FieldCentral's reports and unique Needs Attention feature show you how your business is performing and identifies what you need to do to keep it running smoothly.


FieldCentral's scheduling tools are built to handle the unique demands of an irrigation business. From mass scheduling winterizations and startups, to making sure service calls are scheduled most efficiently, our scheduling tools are designed to make your technicians as efficient as possible.


Map-Based Startup & Winterization Scheduling

Build tight startup and winterization routes thanks to map-based scheduling. Not only does it a take a matter of minutes to setup all your winterizations, but you'll be able to squeeze more of them into every day.

See When You Have a Technician Nearby

See When You Have a Technician Nearby

When a customer calls, you're able to see when you have a technician nearby, so you can suggest dates and times that are convenient to your business.

Know More With Just One Glance

From color coded job types to status and confirmation information, you'll be able to glance at your calendar and instantly know what's happening in your business.

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Field App

The key to billing efficiency is collecting field information - like time in and out, parts and materials used, job notes and irrigation system notes - electronically in the field.  FieldCentral's Android and iOS field apps make that a breeze so you'll have all the information you need to bill accurately and efficiently.

Send Better Job Notes

FieldCentral makes it easy to send detailed job notes with every job so your technicians know what to do on every job.

Leverage Assessments for Even More Data Collection

Assessments enable you to capture just about any piece of information imaginable. You can leverage them to collect required information - like the number of zones in an irrigation system or the type and serial number of the controller - and then store that information for easy retrieval anytime, anywhere.

Capture Everything Electronically

From drive time to work time, parts to materials, your technicians will be able to capture everything electronically in real time, eliminating illegible job notes and inaccurate time records that cost you money.


FieldCentral's two-way integration with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop simplifies transferring contacts, invoices, parts and other information seamlessly between both products.

Invoice Immediately

With FieldCentral, you can send your job  information over to QuickBooks with a few mouse clicks - no additional data entry required!

Improve Billing Accuracy

By eliminating duplicate data entry and illegible notes, FieldCentral eliminates the human error that comes with those processes, improving billing accuracy.

More Informative Invoices

Because you're capturing information electronically in the field, you'll be able to include detailed job notes and other information that helps prove the value you're providing to your customers.

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Example of an estimate template in the FieldCentral application

Estimating and Sales

Want to get more estimates done - and spend less time creating them? Then you need FieldCentral. With FieldCentral, you can quickly create estimates, email them to your prospects and customers and receive automated, electronic approval. You'll save time and win more business - what's not to like about that?


Create More Estimates in Less Time

Creating estimates is easy - whether you're in the office or the field - so you'll be able to be the first contractor to send a bid, increasing your likelihood of winning the sale.


Automate the Approval Process

Getting approval is as easy as sending an email. Your customers and prospects just click a link to approve, and you're on your way.


Use Templates or Build Unique Estimates

If you commonly create similar estimates -  for irrigation packages - then our estimate templates are for you. Just select a template and go. Otherwise, if you're installing a unique irrigation system, adding the parts and labor for the system is as easy as selecting the parts and labor you expect to use.

Needs Attention

Where most software solutions merely help you collect information and do things like schedule and bill, FieldCentral goes a step further. Our unique Needs Attention feature alerts you to items in your business that require action, ensuring your business operates smoothly. It's like adding artificial intelligence to your irrigation business.

Turn Incomplete Jobs Into Complete Jobs

Need a part and have to finish a job later? Our Needs Attention alerts you when you don't complete a job so you can quickly reschedule and ensure every scheduled appointment gets completed. 

Schedule Pending Jobs Quickly

FieldCentral alerts you when you have pending jobs that need to be scheduled, which is great for remembering to schedule startups, winterizations or future service calls.

Keep Your Database Clean

Get an alert when a customer's email address bounces so you can call to get a new one and maintain excellent customer communication.



The best way to improve and grow your business is by analyzing what's working - and what's not. FieldCentral's reports and dashboards make it easy to identify problem areas that need to be fixed.

Compare - and Motivate - Your Technicians

Leverage FieldCentral's Tech Revenue Report to see which technician generates the most revenue per hour. Even better, create an incentive program around this number to encourage a more productive team.

Know What's Profitable

The most powerful report you can review is the Gross Profit report. It will show you your profitability by customer, technician, service and more, all data you can leverage to improve your profitability.


Report and export your timesheets in minute detail so you can see exactly what your employees did every single day.

Contract Management

FieldCentral's contract management tools simplify your ability to create, schedule and renew your contracts. You'll save time and ensure you're completing the work you're contractually obligated to do.


Renew Contracts at the Touch of a Button

Renewing contracts can be a pain. With FieldCentral, it isn't. Simply click the renew button, select an estimate template to use and follow the automated approval process to get customer approval.


Know What's Profitable

With FieldCentral, you can check the Gross Profit report to see which contracts are most profitable and which are least profitable, and take action accordingly.

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Map-based Contract Scheduling

The easiest way to get a bunch of startup or winterization contracted visits on the schedule is with our map-based scheduling. You'll be able to quickly fill your and route your schedule so you can complete more jobs in less time.

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Instant ROI.

Startup Fee

The one-time startup fee includes all the training and support you need to get started taking control of your business. 

Base Fee
$99.99 / mo

The base fee for FieldCentral is $99.99 per month.

User Fee
$29.99 / mo

Whether it's an owner, an office manager or a crew, you'll pay $29.99 per user, per month.

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